PJAK on Twitter: We had Milad Ghobadi killed, too

In a post on a Twitter account, PJAK, a branch of PKK, announced the death of Milad Ghobadi, the son of Mohammad and Sahebeh, with the code name of Mazlum Judi, and from Kamyaran. According to PJAK, this young Iranian Kurd was killed in Haftanin in the Kurdistan Region near the Turkish border.

The strange thing is that PJAK described the killing of this young Iranian Kurd as “in defense of the Kurdistan Region in Haftanin”, but a serious question arises: if the Kurdistan Region is under threat from Turkey, this region as a part of Iraq, has the Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi army, are they unable to resist against  Turkey and so they leave the field for some PKK/PJAK members armed with simple Kalashnikov weapon go to “defend” it and to be killed ?! Certainly, these statements of PJAK are a big lie. PJAK claims that while the  KRG officials have repeatedly called the PKK / PJAK illegitimate, a source of insecurity and instability in the Kurdistan Region, and blamed for Turkish attacks that are done because of the group’s presence. The KRG has always called for PKK/PJAK to leave the Region.

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