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Underdevelopment of Kurdistan is a deadly process

There is a direct relationship between economic growth and development and the level of prosperity, people’s daily life, cultural development and many positive indicators necessary for any society. On the other hand, there is a direct relationship between violence, especially armed violence, and underdevelopment. This means that if there is violence in an area, especially […]

PJAK on Twitter: We had Milad Ghobadi killed, too

In a post on a Twitter account, PJAK, a branch of PKK, announced the death of Milad Ghobadi, the son of Mohammad and Sahebeh, with the code name of Mazlum Judi, and from Kamyaran. According to PJAK, this young Iranian Kurd was killed in Haftanin in the Kurdistan Region near the Turkish border. The strange […]

Heydar Shasho: With the PKK’s leaving Sinjar, Security will come to the region

“The situation of the Yazidi Kurds in Sinjar is dire, and if this trend continues, no bright future can be seen for them,” said Heydar Shasho, commander of the Sinjar Defense Forces (HPŞ). “The problem of the Yazidis in Sinjar/Shangal is only the presence of armed groups, and we know that these groups are also […]

ISIS cells increase attacks targeting children in Hasakah

Hasakah Internal Security Forces issued a statement on terrorist attacks targeting children recently in various cities of Northern and Eastern Syria, as the security situation in SDF-held territory worsens day by day. While the attacks of ISIS mercenaries increased in parallel with the attacks of the Turkish state, the rebel groups affiliated to Ankara threw […]

Hasakah insecurity: SDF expels residents from their homes near ISIS prison

IKHRW registrates new expulsions in Hasakah Guiram neighbourhood. As a result of the prison revolts and escapes that have occurred over the last months in the prisons that hold ISIS members, SDF forces people in the neighborhood out of their homes. The riots and expulsions underscore the fragile security situation in North-East Syria, as the […]