Heydar Shasho: With the PKK’s leaving Sinjar, Security will come to the region

“The situation of the Yazidi Kurds in Sinjar is dire, and if this trend continues, no bright future can be seen for them,” said Heydar Shasho, commander of the Sinjar Defense Forces (HPŞ). “The problem of the Yazidis in Sinjar/Shangal is only the presence of armed groups, and we know that these groups are also affiliated with the PKK. They are deliberately opening the way for Turkish attacks, and that is why we are witnessing the bombing of Turkish fighters at any moment. “People really feel insecure and therefore do not return from the camps, and even a number of returned families went back to the camps for the fear of attacks.”

“The only way to get out of the current situation is the PKK to end its presence in the region and the Iraqi government must do its duty for the people. One of the assignments is Article 140, which regulates the fate of Sinjar, too” he said. “Shangal is still undecided. There are now dozens of small and large armed groups in Sinjar, and only the Hashd Shabi ordered by the Iraqi parliament has come to the area, the rest are arbitrary.”

“PKK-affiliated groups are originally made up of local Yazidis, but they take orders from Qandil and raise PKK flags. These groups themselves openly say they received money in return for their actions,” he said. The PKK saw the presence of ISIS as an excuse to settle in Sinjar, and despite the defeat of ISIS, it is now the turn of the PKK to deprive the people of security. In Sinjar and in residential areas, it raises its flag and by this shows Turkey the location to be attacked, and every time there is a bombing, people are killed. We call on the Iraqi authorities to seriously investigate this issue and end the presence of the PKK.”

It is worth mentioning that Heydar Shasho has always been concerned about the harmful presence of the PKK during the past years. In Sinjar, he warned that it was a serious threat to regional security.

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