Why should he have been killed?!

Rahman Mahmoudpour’s photo is belongs to a time when he was a member of the PKK / PJAK for several years. This shows that he was much younger when he was abducted and taken to Qandil for recruitment. In this photo, he is a teenager and was a child at the time of kidnapping.

Seeing this photo, like dozens of other photos, the viewer wonders why these children and teenagers, as the future growth and development force of society, should take up arms and wear the clothes of an armed group before knowing what the meaning of life is. The answer to this question lies with the officials and PJAK fans, who are responsible for the deaths of these people.

Rahman, the son of Omar and Golnaz, codenamed Matin Alan, was killed on September 2, 2012, in Shirnak, on the Iraqi-Turkish border. For what? Why? There is definitely no logical answer. The reason for the deaths of these people is the ideology of the sick mind of Abdullah Ocalan, who is relieved only by the death of the Kurdish youth. If this death is good, why do not the leaders of the PKK / PJAK and their relatives welcome it?

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