Duran Kalkan: Attack leading to death of two Iraqi officers and a senior PKK member done with the cooperation of the KDP

Duran Kalkan, an Azeri-speaking member of the PKK leadership council, told a TV channel affiliated with the group about the recent attack by Turkish drones on a car carrying a senior PKK member and two Iraqi officers that caused political tensions between the two countries, reacting as blaming the KDP led by Massoud Barzani for coordinating and providing accurate information to attack and kill them. He added that evidence shows this was done in coordination with the KDP.

This member of the PKK called the Peshmerga along with the Turkish army “occupiers”. He quoted Mustafa Karasu, another member of the PKK leadership council, as saying that the attack did not take place while the KDP members were in the car, but that it was attacked as soon as they left. This shows they were coordinated.

Duran Kalkan described Massoud Barzani and the KDP officials as “servants and mercenaries” of Turkey and declared that the Turkish army could not enter Sidakan without Barzani’s permission.

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