Yazidi protest against the PKK intensifies in Sinjar

Mount Shangal/Sinjar witnesses mass demonstrations against the presence and actions of the PKK. The Yazidi Kurds of Sinjar have once again rallied and chanted slogans against the PKK in recent weeks. “The PKK is a serious threat to Sinjar and the Yazidis. It has abducted dozens of our young girls and boys, who are now in prison,” said Mam Qawal, head of the Mala Yazidi (Yazidi House).

“We will continue our demonstrations and protests to expel the PKK from Sinjar and to release Yazidi prisoners,” Mam Qawal added.

In these demonstrations, the mothers of those abducted by the PKK also took pictures of their children and called on the Iraqi government and the international community to save their children from the PKK as soon as possible.

Last week, Yazidis demonstrated against the PKK. They say they will continue to hold protests against the PKK.

Link to the protest video file:


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