Turkey targets joint meeting of PKK and Iraqi border guards

Turkey unmanned aircraft attacked a joint meeting of several PKK members and Iraqi border officials in the Sidekan area yesterday. A car carrying two Iraqi officers and their driver was reportedly targeted and all three were killed. Regarding the killing of PKK members no exact information is available yet.

Iraqi President Barham Saleh condemned the attack in a statement, calling it a violation of Iraqi national sovereignty.

Turkey targets PKK members and headquarters in the Kurdistan Region. These attacks have caused more than a thousand villages to be deserted so far. The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) also considers the PKK an illegitimate force and is cooperating with Turkey against it, but the KDP officials also say recently that Turkey’s goal is not only to destroy the PKK but also to destroy the KRG Kurdistan. Turkey has set up 50 military checkpoints and bases in KDP-controlled areas, and experts see this as a serious threat to the survival of the KRG.

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