PYD-ENKS unification talks continue

According to top PYD politician Xelil Aldar, the PYD-ENKS talks have reached a new level after US ambassador James Jeffrey’s visit last week.

In a media statement he has released information on agreements made between the two rival parties.

A new body will be established that will hold 40 seats. 16 seats for PYD-linked parties, 16 seats for ENKS-linked parties and 4 seats for non-party appointees.

Xelil Aldar states that ENKS is unwilling to go to the ballot-box now, but is willing to compromise on PYD’s proposal to set a date for elections next year. Until then, PYD will give up some of their own positions to ENKS.

Though the rival parties have agreed on the establishment of a political body that hosts members from both sides, Xelil admits there are still many disagreements among the two parties.

There are fierce disagreements over PYD’s co-chair system of guaranteed female representation, ENKS rather selects on ability than gender. Another point the two sides disagree on is PYD’s multi-ethnic rather than Kurdish-nationalist vision. ENKS does not wish to include the Arab population and pursue federalism, but aims for a seperate Kurdish statelet.

The most difficult point will be the military sphere. PYD is hesitant to let ENKS-linked Roj Peshmerga in, especially after recent peshmerga mobilization on the border with North-East Syria. Peshmerga forces are trained and equipped well, and thus viewed as a threat to PYD’s militias. ENKS could possibly topple the PYD administration.

Discussions thus continue over the mechanism of administration, military and political form.

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