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Syrian Human Rights Watch report on child soldiers

The Syrian Democratic Forces refuse to return a child conscripted forcibly from Raqqa. The Syria Monitoring Network for Human Rights said that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), through the Revolutionary Youth affiliated to it in Raqqa governorate, kidnapped a 16-year-old boy with a terminal illness. The Syria Monitoring Network for Human Rights learned through its […]

PKK recruits another child in Syrian Kurdistan

An organization, affiliated with the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK), has reportedly abducted another child in Syrian Kurdistan, a local source said on Sunday. The 16-year-old girl was reportedly kidnapped by the organization of Jwanen Shorishger, also known as the Revolutionary Youth, in Derik area, Syrian Kurdistan, as the PKK-affiliated continues to recruit teenagers and prepare […]

Stockholm’s failure to recognize SDF links to YPG, PKK

BY KLAUS JURGENS What makes highly experienced politicians who travel and know the world think terrorists are freedom fighters? How come after decades in the business of politics members of banned terrorist gangs and their offshoots continuously manage to fool them? What happened to political due diligence? Or could it be that certain holders of public […]

Ocalan had a phone call with his brother

Abdullah Ocalan, jailed leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), has spoken on the phone with his brother for a “short” time after nearly a year of no contact, according to a statement from his lawyers. The news follows recent rumours that Ocalan had died in jail. Without naming his brother, Asrin Law Office, which […]

The PKK and the PYD: Comrades in Arms, Rivals in Politics?

Although the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Democratic Union Party (PYD) are ideologically affiliated, they remain organizationally distinct. Even though it does not pose a direct security threat to Turkey, the PYD’s increasing consolidation of power in northern Syria arguably poses a challenge not only to Ankara but also to the PKK. BACKGROUND: During […]

Corruption in Kobane; the Abdi dynasty

Through the last years, the US government has backed the Syrian democratic forces in their fight against ISIS in North-East Syria. Their battle has led to the establishment of a semi-autonomous region in the country. A leading role in the establishment of ‘Rojava’ is held by general Mazloum Abdi, who is famous throughout the world […]

Salih Muslim’s nephew and extensive cooperation with Turkey

Anadolu News Agency reported that Dalia Muslim, nephew of Salih Muslim, former leader of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its current head of diplomacy in Europe, has been cooperating extensively with Turkey since surrendering to Turkish security forces. According to the mentioned news agency, Dalia Muslim has named 127 members of the YPG through […]

PYD-ENKS unification talks continue

According to top PYD politician Xelil Aldar, the PYD-ENKS talks have reached a new level after US ambassador James Jeffrey’s visit last week. In a media statement he has released information on agreements made between the two rival parties. A new body will be established that will hold 40 seats. 16 seats for PYD-linked parties, […]

Khalil Aldar’s statement to Syrians

Khalil answers concerned Syrians worries with regard to latest understandings among Kurdish parties in an official media statement. Aldar Khalil said that what the Kurdish parties reached in Syria is a preliminary understanding, after it became clear that there is no major difference in political views among the Kurdish people. He noted that the wrong […]

Conflicting news from North-East Syria’s Kurdish Politics

As we have reported yesterday, SDC’s Elham Ehmed, PYD’s Aldar Xelil and SDF ‘general’ Mazloum Kobane gave conflicting updates on their visions for future alliances. Today, Mazloum Kobane made statements to Kurdistan24, a Kurdish TV channel based in KRG. He stated:”We have now moved to the second phase. We hope that both political parties will […]
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