Conflicting news from North-East Syria’s Kurdish Politics

As we have reported yesterday, SDC’s Elham Ehmed, PYD’s Aldar Xelil and SDF ‘general’ Mazloum Kobane gave conflicting updates on their visions for future alliances.
Today, Mazloum Kobane made statements to Kurdistan24, a Kurdish TV channel based in KRG. He stated:”We have now moved to the second phase. We hope that both political parties will take into consideration the interests, future, and expectations of the people.”
Mohammed Ismail, a member of the KNC leadership, told Kurdistan 24 on Wednesday in Erbil that the PYD and KNC have taken further positive steps on an agreement during the “serious negotiations.”

However, ENKS officials have said that they are unwilling to commit to a written agreement with the PYD until further concessions are made.
“No signing took place because we will not sign on something while disagreeing on other issues. It has to be a complete agreement,” Sulaiman Oso, a member of the ENKS leadership told Rudaw, another TV channel based in the KRG.
“We believe that unity should not be limited to [a] political position, but [include] everything: political, administrative, military, economic and security [affairs],” he said, adding that some “political understandings” were reached in the first phase of talks.
The two sides have been at odds for several years, with the ENKS accusing the PYD of being unwilling to share power in northeast Syria, known to Kurds as Rojava.
Senior PYD official Aldar Xelil told party media that they are not willing to share political and military power with the ENKS, claiming they have no obligation to do so. “We believe that the guarantee of our success will be unity between us and other [ethnic and religious] groups. We will never accept a Kurdish deal which is on the account of the destruction of our administration or if it makes us the enemies of other groups,” he told PYD-affiliated Ronahi TV on Thursday.
The PYD official also said that they cannot offer administration positions to the ENKS because they have not been elected to the various governing bodies, and rejected the idea of ENKS-affiliated Peshmerga forces deploying to Rojava.
“Our position on military affairs is clear. It is impossible for two military forces to be present in a country. However, if the youths of this country want to do their patriotic duty, they can join [the SDF].
Oso termed Xelil’s comments as “inappropriate,” saying they do not serve the spirit of the ongoing talks.
“What Aldar Xelil said was not appropriate. Dialogues do not take place on television channels or other media outlets, but a place where there is international monitoring.”
So, we have two PKK senior cadre members giving conflicting signs. On one hand, military commander Mazloum Kobani trying to warm up relations with Barzani-affiliated ENKS. And on the other hand, political cadre Aldar Xelil literally stating that it has no point.

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