Suleiman Ali Khan to the IKHRW: KRG deceives people

Suleiman Ali Khan, a Kurdish journalist in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), who is also the editor of a Kurdish online magazine, says: “We have no democracy nor development here. The KRG does not pay attention to the people’s demands. Trhis is while in the developed countries, the authorities care more about human beings than anything else. “

“In the Kurdistan Region, people are seen only during the election period and the war. But in developed countries, we see that the government thinks about the growth and development of the people every day and guarantees their future. Here, the people are born as indebted and Prisoners. Prisoners of the special rules of the individual interests of the rulers.”

“We do not also have the right to use the word ‘progress’ because it cannot be used as an adjective for the situation in the Kurdistan Region. What we see is debt, regression and not the progress. So it is not right to use the word democracy for the Kurdistan Region,” he said. “The simplest principles of democracy are not seen in it. People do not have the slightest right to protest for their own fate.”

“We must not forget that sometimes there are laws better than the best democracies, but they are never enforced,” the Kurdish journalist concludes.

“The solution is not a reform project, but a smart and experienced leader who seeks to enforce democracy and the advancement of the people with the rule of law,” he said, referring to Masrour Barzani’s “reform project.”

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