PJAK’s biggest crime: Two more Iranian Kurds die in the PKK’s fruitless war in Turkey

While new news is published every day about the PKK-Turkey war, and Turkey has bombed Kurdish-held areas in North-East Syria, and occupied several areas in the Kurdistan region under the pretext of the PKK’s presence. To make up for the loss and shortage of manpower, PKK again turned to its pool of Iranian members, and sent them to their deaths.

While it is not yet clear why Iranians should be killed in the PKK-Turkey war? In the latest developments related to Iranian members, the PKK has again announced the death of two people, but has not clarified the cause of death and the burial place of these members.

The PKK wrote: “On December 2, our members, Sarkhobun, Loghman, Shervan, Akeef, Barzani and Aslan, were killed as a result of Turkish attacks on the border province.”

The PKK has announced that one of these members is Iranian:


Name and surname: Obaid Salamat

Organizational Code: Shervan Papuleh

Place and year of birth: Urmia

Mother’s name – Father’s name: Golbiaz – Taj al-Din

Date and place of martyrdom:  ۲ December 2020



In fact, Obaid Salamat was killed in 2020, and the PKK announced the death of this Iranian member in 2022. This means the forced disappearance of members and the ambiguity in the fate of members to cause concern in his family.


New crime of PKK / PJAK: Announcement of the death of an Iranian member after 5 years!


The PKK also wrote in another statement: “Two members of the group, including an Iranian, were killed in the bombing of Qandil by the Turkish army on July 1, 1944.”














Name and surname: Peyman Shamshiri

Organizational code: Argesh Zagros

Place and year of birth: Dalahu-Kermashan

Mother’s name – Father’s name: Batool – Farhad

Date and place of martyrdom: 30 July 2021/ Qandil


The news of the death of this member was also announced with a delay.

As a result, it can be said that the PKK group, in a new and unfortunate practice, in addition to kidnapping Iranian children and adolescents; Announces the death of Iranian members with a delay of several months or even several years.

The PKK news agency does not honestly state the reason for the deaths of these people, and in fact has put the families of these people in fear and hope of the death and survival of Iranian members, and in this way, has committed an even greater crime.

Of course, according to observer experts, this practice of the PKK has started years ago, and there is no end to it.

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