ISIS cells increase attacks targeting children in Hasakah

Hasakah Internal Security Forces issued a statement on terrorist attacks targeting children recently in various cities of Northern and Eastern Syria, as the security situation in SDF-held territory worsens day by day.
While the attacks of ISIS mercenaries increased in parallel with the attacks of the Turkish state, the rebel groups affiliated to Ankara threw grenades on 4 young children in the Shedade, district of Hasakah on Thursday, 28 May.
Hasakah Internal Security Forces executive Şivan Silêman said: “The cell structures of the mercenary groups affiliated to the Turkish state, such as ISIS, have begun targeting our children in order to create confusion in the region, provoke the public against the security forces, and disrupt the peace and security of the region.”
Silêman stated that they are fighting effectively against the cell structures of the mercenary groups in every city of North and East Syria and that “the dirty plans of the Turkish state will be defeated.”
Silêman called on the residents to “act in solidarity with the Internal Security Forces in the fight against terrorist groups”, trying to activate the people of the area to cooperation.

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