Hossein Musazadeh Double victim

In one of the border villages of Salmas in West Azerbaijan Province, Iran, Omar Musazadeh’s family is still shocked at how their son Musa left and never returned. This border village is home to the illegal movement of the PKK-affiliated PJAK armed group, which has created problems for local people in various ways: extortion in the name of revolutionary tax in a common example. PJAK members in the area are trying to target and recruit children and teenagers.

The reason for focusing on children and adolescents is that this social group is easliy deceived and does not have a strong ability to distinguish right and wrong, so it gets trapped sooner. Hossein Musazadeh is one of the victims who fell into the trap of PJAK as a teenager. His name was changed to Sinan Sipan. The train of PJAK’s death did not spare him either and he was killed on August 6, 2013 as a member of the PKK in Mugla, Turkey. Omar and Zozan, his parents, do not even know where their child is buried.

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