Finaz and Bahauddin are still in mourning

Finaz and Bahauddin Hassanzadeh live in a deprived border village in Khoy city in West Azerbaijan province, Iran. Another deprivation was added to their life: they were deprived of seeing their son Muhammad forever. Mohammad was still a teenager who fell into the trap of the PKK / PJAK of death and could not escape.

PJAK members deceived Muhammad, like dozens of other Kurdish children and adolescents, in order to supply the PKK with fighters in Turkey, and sent him to Qandil for a brainwashing.

These deprived families expect the human rights activists to raise their voices of oppression to the relevant domestic and international institutions. Like many other families, they blame PJAK for ruining their life. Their son Muhammad was killed by the Turkish army on August 2, 2014 in Van, Turkey.

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