A sad story: Kidnapping a Kurdish under-age by the KDPI

Mahmood Ahmadi, son of Assad, from Hassan Nouran village, Oshnaviyeh, West Azerbaijan province, Iran, and a Kurdish under-age abducted by the KDPI armed men. The Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) has previously reported on the abduction of Kurdish under-ages by PJAK and the KDPI armed men. In previous reports, the IKHRW cited the locals […]

Asking the KDPI: What happened to Sardar Tabnak?

It seems the city of Oshnaviyeh has turned into a base for the armed men of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (KDPI) while the Iranian government and military-security agencies are silent. The KDPI uses Oshnaviyeh as its largest recruiting center. Apart from terrorist activities, the children recruitment as soldiers by the KDPI is an […]

In the name of… Human Rights

In today’s modern warfare, geopolitics and society, Human Rights has become one of the most abused words in the dictionary. Politicians, movements and governments use the phrase ‘Human Rights’ to discredit their opponents, as an argument to attack, to kill and invade, and as a tool to justify their own actions and policies. The horrors […]

EU Report: Human rights violations increase in Turkey

Nacho Sanchez, the EU rapporteur on Turkey, said that Turkey was moving away from EU values ​​and standards day by day, causing historical problems in its relations with the EU. Examining the draft of the EU Commission report on Turkey for 2019-2020, he added that Turkey has not made the necessary reforms to be led […]

Syrian Human Rights Watch: SDF continues arbitrary arrests

In its latest report on the latest developments on human rights in Syria, the Syrian Human Rights Watch criticizes various groups, forces and factions in the country, including the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), and accuses it of arbitrary arrests. In its report, this organization writes that SDF arrests the people en masse, especially in Arab […]

Mahin Paravi should not have been killed

Mahin Paravi was the daughter of Omar and Tabasi from a village in Urmia, Iran. This Kurdish teenage girl, like dozens of other Kurdish children and teenagers, is the prey of the PKK branch in the Kurdish regions of Iran namely PJAK. This anti-Kurdish group, which has committed all kinds of crimes against the Kurds […]

From Kermanshah to Ozalp and …

Vali Parsa, the son of Sabah and Nasrin, born in Kermanshah, Iran, did not imagine that one day at the best of his adolescence and organizationally codenamed as Harun Agri will be killed in the city of Ozalp, affiliated to the city of Van in Turkey and this during the conflict between the army and […]

People address the PKK: Get out of Sinjar immediately

Reports from Shangal/Sinjar indicate that the families of dozens of Yazidi children abducted to be recruited as child soldiers by the PKK protested, calling on the Iraqi government and human rights organizations to help return their children and from the PKK. People say the presence of PKK in Sinjar caused many people to be displaced […]

Ehsan Asadi was also killed

The PKK / PJAK death machine is still running while using the blood of Kurdish youth as fuel. This machine of Abdullah Ocalan’s ideology did not spare Iranian Kurdish children, teenagers and youth and sent dozens of people to die in conflicts. Ehsan Asadi, the son of Fereydoun and Fatemeh from Urmia, Iran, is also […]

Dr. Kermanj Othman: the PKK must be tried in an international court

Following are various reports about the abduction of children by the PKK to recruit as child soldiers, the media of the Kurdistan Region also paid attention to this issue and covered it. “The PKK commits crimes against humanity by kidnapping children for recruiting as soldiers and should be prosecuted,” Dr. Kermanj Othman, a Kurdish regional […]
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