From Kermanshah to Ozalp and …

Vali Parsa, the son of Sabah and Nasrin, born in Kermanshah, Iran, did not imagine that one day at the best of his adolescence and organizationally codenamed as Harun Agri will be killed in the city of Ozalp, affiliated to the city of Van in Turkey and this during the conflict between the army and the PKK, but it happened. Harun was just eighteen years old when he was killed on August 13, 2012, and had been a member for several years. This indicates that minors were recruited as soldiers.

But Parsa, like dozens of other Iranian Kurdish children and adolescents, fell victim to PJAK’s ambitions to irrigate Abdullah Ocalan’s poisoned ideology with Kurdish blood. In the current age of communication, we are witnessing a double standard of human rights pretenders while they face the PKK / PJAK victims, and Kurdish human rights activists are silently paving the way for more victims.

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