A founder of PKK: the PKK is an instrument of governments

In an interview about the attacks of the PKK in the Kurdistan Region, Selim Curukkaya, one of the founding members of the PKK, says, “All Kurds must leave the PKK. They should ask the organization not let the Kurds be killed by the Kurds. “It is an instrument in the hands of the governments.” The author of the book “The Verses of Apo” attacked the PKK. He referred to the recent PKK attacks in Kurdistan Region, including the explosion of an oil pipeline and the killing of a Peshmerga, and said, “The PKK should not kill the Kurds nor let them be killed anymore.”

“All political and armed parties and groups based in the Kurdistan Region must respect the sovereignty of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region,” he added. As the PKK, in order to settle in Syria and Saddam’s Iraq asked for permission to stay in those countries. It must also askd for order to stay in the Rregion, otherwise the group must leave the Region, and just in Turkey it does not need an order. Turkey, Iraq and Syria, through the PKK, intend to make the Kurdish Region insecure.

This former senior member of the PKK who was sentenced to death by the PKK for criticizing Ocalan  had been able to take refuge in the UN office in Beirut says “it has no independent will, so any government that gives more money to the PKK, it becomes the executor of that government’s policy.”

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