Abuse of status in Sulaimani

Following the arrest of a Peshmerga Major General during a police intervention in Sulaimani on Tuesday (May 5), three police officers were wounded when the man’s relatives opened fire on a police station in the city’s Bakhtiari neighborhood.
Police Chief Aso Taha said that the incident began when police officers responded to a local traffic accident. Although not initially involved in the accident or the police response, the unnamed major general inserted himself into the situation and began verbally abusing the police officers on the scene. In response, the police detained him.
After his arrest, two of the major general’s sons and some of his nephews went to the Bakhtiari Police Department headquarters and opened fire. All perpetrators were arrested.
One police officer was shot and two others were slightly wounded, Taha said.
“We have filed a complaint against them. We will make them face the law and will not forgive them,” Taha said.
“We also seized two cars and two handguns that belonged to the perpetrators,” he added.
The police chief reported that all of the wounded police officers are expected to make a full recovery and that the police leadership will do whatever is in their power to support them.

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