Raqqah civilian died from torture in SDF prison

Ali Hasan Sheikh Muhammad, born in 1977, from Raqqah city, was a father of three small children. He was arrested on 6 July 2015 by Syrian Democratic Forces at the Marash Binar crossing in Ein Arab city, while he was travelling with other civilians to pass the border to Turkey. He was trying to flee ISIS, that had occupied his hometown at the time.
Since his arrest, nobody has seen Ali anymore. He was not allowed to see anybody, not even a lawyer. Others that saw him in prison, have described the torture they inflicted on him. This week, five years after his abduction, his family received news of his death.
Ali has died at the end of 2015 due to torture in the Syrian Democratic Forces detention center. His body has not been handed over to the family. Syrian Human Rights Network reports that this is usual practice for people that die in SDF detention. Syrian Democratic Forces do so, as without a body, the person gets registered as a forcibly disappeared person by human rights organizations.

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