Farzad Kamangar, a victim of PJAK internal disputes

Throughout the history, the PKK and its satellite branches have always committed human rights abuses.  Child abduction, kidnapping, and recruitment are the constant practice of PJAK and the PKK.  The purpose of these actions is to cover up their terrorist operations.  PJAK’s target community, unfortunately, is low-income families.  PJAK has sacrificed the children of these families to its political and terrorist aspirations.  This trend is still ongoing.  But who were really Farhad Vakili and Farzad Kamangar, whose death anniversary is today? 

 Farhad Vakili was a simple agricultural engineer who had no expertise in politics or struggle. PJAK needed a victim, brought him into its game, and eventually he was    arrested and executed him. Farhad was not aware of the consequences of this kind of armed and sectarian political action at all.  Farhad protested when he knew PJAK’s nature, but PJAK’s structure did not accept the protest.  For this reason, Farhad and the others were repeatedly threatened with execution.  The same thing was repeated for Farzad Kamangar. Farzad was a teacher in Iran, but PJAK used Farzad in this dirty game to abuse him. 

 Farzad’s brother (Shirzad Kamangar) was in PJAK.  But the point is that before Farzad’s execution, no one knew Shirzad.  In fact, if Shirzad Kamangar promoted in PJAK, it would have been the result of Farzad’s death and execution.  Where is Shirzad now?  Nobody knows!  Farzad’s death sentence was his temporary promotion.  But it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. 

 Farzad and Farhad were good pieces to be removed in the internal disputes of PJAK, and their photo has become a tool for the oppressed of this group.  Internal disputes were the main reason for sending people like Shirin Alam-e-Huli and Farzad Kamangar to the cities.  At the time, Kendal Glor was the internal commander in Shahu, and did not accept the political branch of PJAK and its commanders.  So without coordination, he decided to put them on a track to be eliminated. 

 Farzad had a lame foot and could not walk, so he returned from the mountains to work in the city and was unaware of the outcome of the incident and that he was under surveillance.  Hiding explosives in Farhad’s garden and moving weapons and other terrorist acts is certainly not something that can be tolerated in any country.  These anti-security measures have been documented many times, and PJAK leaders have quietly endorsed them.  But some simple people are still trying to justify themselves in cyberspace.  Ahvan Chiaco’s brother was also killed in the incident.  Ahvan was also silenced and sent to Europe despite protests, and now lives there. 

 Therefore, I would like to say that the actions of Farzad’s team and his friends were terrorist and aimed at bombing.  How do they expect to react to armed action?  Human rights and these words are a joke for them and PJAK.  Thousands of children have been killed and are now worried about the execution of terrorists.  It is natural that the Iranian government will react to these actions, as will other governments in the world that are sensitive to the issue of national security.

  Now that PJAK only remembers Farzad, Farhad, and Shirin once a year, the question is, why did you intend to carry out a terrorist operation?  Why are human rights organizations sensitive to the execution of these terrorists, but they do not say anything about the nature of PJAK and its terrorist acts?  Several hundred Iranian Kurds have fallen victim to PJAK, but they are aware of only a few armed members of a terrorist group.  PJAK is only looking for the bones and photos of its members, not their real rights.  It kidnaps children and recruits them as terrorists, and when these children are arrested, it worries about their lives, only once a year. 

 This nature of PJAK is clear to everyone.  But Western governments have allowed PJAK to operate because of political and security concerns and opposition to Iran, and have turned a blind eye to their crimes.  The truth of PJAK is clear.  The truth of Farhad, Farzad and Shirin’s story is also clear.  The deceived people, who were armed and intended to slander the security of the people, were arrested and executed.  PJAK only visits them once a year.  This show must stop.

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