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US and SDF join forces to steal Syria’s oil

By Jeremy Salt There’s hardly anything new in history about the powerful exploiting the weak, so all that sticks out about the theft of Syria’s oil as orchestrated by the US government is its brazen nature. “We’re keeping the oil,” Donald Trump said in 2019. “I’ve always said that. We want to keep the oil. […]

Raqqah civilian died from torture in SDF prison

Ali Hasan Sheikh Muhammad, born in 1977, from Raqqah city, was a father of three small children. He was arrested on 6 July 2015 by Syrian Democratic Forces at the Marash Binar crossing in Ein Arab city, while he was travelling with other civilians to pass the border to Turkey. He was trying to flee […]

The dire fate of Syrian mercenaries in Libya

On January 2, 2020, the Grand National Assembly of Turkey passed a one year mandate in order to deploy troops in Libya. On 5 January, Turkey started to deploy troops in Libya. Engaged in two wars simultaneously in Syria and Libya, Turkey appears far from achieving its stated objectives on both fronts. The Syrian battlefield […]