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PKK Abducts Six Civilians, Forces Families to Speak Against Their Children

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has abducted six civilians in the Qandil area of Kurdistan Region and now forces their families to speak against the abductees. PKK-affiliated media outlets have published statements from several people who commend the PKK for abducting their children on alleged spy charges. In the statements, a woman, said to be […]

This month in PJAK’s history

۲۴ November 2004 Urmia: A five-member team of PJAK terrorists attacked Gangchin village of Urmia province at night and attacked the house of a villager, threatening him and other residents not to cooperate with local officials. ۳ December 2004 Urmia: A four-member team of PJAK terrorists entered one of the suburbs and Kurdish neighborhoods of […]

Several documented cases of PKK crimes against Kurdish civilians in the Doski area

Honorary Reporter of Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch has sent the following report from the Doski area in Duhok province, to Introduce PKK crimes against the civilians, the translation of which is presented along with photos of a number of victims: “If we want to write about the PKK’s crimes against civilians, we can write […]

PKK caused the school to be closed down

Continued evacuation of villages in the Kurdistan Region due to Turkish attacks for the presence of PKK members, especially among the civilians in the villages, the people of Kanimzan village were forced to evacuate the whole village and the school was closed down at the beginning of the school year. According to local media, people […]

Geostratos: Drug is the financial source of PKK funding

In an article, Geostatratos website referred to different dimensions of PKK including tis financial side. “The PKK’s annual budget is millions of dollars, and its financial resources include organized extortion from Kurds living in Europe, the forced sale of publications, legal commercial activities, armed attacks for robery, and the imposition of revolutionary taxes,” it wrote. […]

Turkey’s PKK conflict: a statistical analysis

We have analysed the loss of life of both PKK members, Turkish state security forces and civilians between june 2015 and june 2020. A great shift in dynamics can be seen in this data. Not only has the ratio of PKK-deaths and state security forces-deaths changed drastically, PKK has increased its number of Iranian militants […]

Raqqah civilian died from torture in SDF prison

Ali Hasan Sheikh Muhammad, born in 1977, from Raqqah city, was a father of three small children. He was arrested on 6 July 2015 by Syrian Democratic Forces at the Marash Binar crossing in Ein Arab city, while he was travelling with other civilians to pass the border to Turkey. He was trying to flee […]

PKK sets off carbomb in Afrin

Here you can see the camera images of the truck that exploded in Afrin today and killed at least 42 women and children and wounded many others. The IED attack in Afrin city was detonated between a busy marketplace and a military institution, leading to many deaths. And yes, one of the YPG acronyms was […]

Terror as a Tactic: YPG’s new ​Modus Operandi ​ in North-Syria

Translated from German by IKHRW This article tries to shed light on the terroristic tactics YPG has adopted in North-Syria – after the Turkish illegitimate invasion – shown by statistics collected between july 2018 and november 2019. The YPG has changed their tactics from direct military invasion to primarily hit-and-run-style assassinations and carbombings, showing the […]

Turkey bombs Makhmour camp

Makhmur Refugee Camp, which was founded in 1998, lies in the Makhmour district of North Iraq. It hosts about 12,000 Kurdish pro-PKK refugees, who fled the civil war between the PKK and the Turkish state in the 1990s. Reportedly, several Iranian families with PKK ties have been tricked and moved to Makhmour Camp in the […]