PKK sets off carbomb in Afrin

Here you can see the camera images of the truck that exploded in Afrin today and killed at least 42 women and children and wounded many others.
The IED attack in Afrin city was detonated between a busy marketplace and a military institution, leading to many deaths. And yes, one of the YPG acronyms was probably the culprit. As I have explained earlier in my ‘terror as a tactic’ report, offshoots of the YPG plan this kind of attacks on a regular base in Turkish-occupied areas.
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This doesn’t mean there is evidence one of the offshoots was behind the attack, nor that anyone will claim, or even that it wasn’t an ISIS attack. But with this kind of cowarduous attacks targeting vulnerable civilians it is usually meant to raise tensions inside Turkish-controlled territory or to show how unsafe the territory is on the contrary to areas controlled by the opposition. But let’s not rule out the obvious suspect just because there is no evidence present, let us focus on the patterns instead.

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