Qamishlo’s people push out American Convoy

The people of North-East Syria are tired of the US interference and their backing of PKK/PYD forces. They have been helping Syrian legitimate government forces, that reside under the name of “defai al-watani” or “national defense forces”. The people of Qamishlo have long been awaiting for the government’s return to the region.
Reliable sources have reported that the residents of Salihiyat Harb and Mushayrafa villages have intercepted a U.S. military convoy this morning, which was coming from Tal Barrak town and escorted by a jet flying over the area.
Residents and members of the “National Defence Forces” (NDF) crowded at a government checkpoint in Salihiyat Harb village, preventing the convoy from crossing through their villages on the international highway in the southern countryside of Al-Qamishli.
On April 22, syrian human rights observatory sources also reported that a U.S. patrol, which was roaming alone in Farfara village in rural Al-Qamishli, was pelted with stones by the government-backed “National Defense Forces” and several residents, forcing the patrol to withdraw from the village.

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