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Urgent request of PJAK extortion victims to the Iranian government

“PJAK continues to burn people’s property and lives.” This sentence is a summary of a report published by the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) in February 2018. A well-documented and illustrated report on an economic crime, destroying and burning the property of an economic activist and contractor by PJAK terrorists; and this faced a […]

Asad Abdurahman: PKK destroyed our village four times

As a result of PKK conflicts nnd the Turkish army in the border areas of the Kurdistan Region with Turkey, the border villages of Zakho have suffered heavy losses. In the last 3 months and 20 days, 5 villages in Batifa district have been completely evacuated and 20 villages have been completely occupied following the […]

Halabja survivor commits suicide

An Kurdish-Iraqi Halabja genocide survivor committed suicide today in Halabja, that was suffering from the financial difficulties and the Kurdistan Region Government’s carelessness to take care of the poor. I will translate the letter he left behind to understand the reasons behind his hopelessness: “My End When there is no bit of tranquility in life, […]

KRG protests against lockdown

As the COVID-19 cases face an increase in North-Iraq’s KRG, new lockdowns are imposed on its citizens. With the delays in payments of government officials and a profit gap for those that have businesses in different sectors, the economical pressure on the population increases day by day. Yesterday night, people in both Ranya and Darbandikhan […]

Barzani Family Spends $47 Million on Two Beverly Hills Homes as Iraqi’s Kurdistan Region goes bankrupt

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is one of Southern California’s biggest tourist attractions, its glitzy collection of designer boutiques — Chanel, Hermès and more — forming their own sort of Magic Kingdom to lure gawkers, and sometimes serious shoppers, from around the world. The residential streets just north of the main shopping drag have their […]

Qamishlo’s people push out American Convoy

The people of North-East Syria are tired of the US interference and their backing of PKK/PYD forces. They have been helping Syrian legitimate government forces, that reside under the name of “defai al-watani” or “national defense forces”. The people of Qamishlo have long been awaiting for the government’s return to the region. Reliable sources have […]

YPG /PKK spokesman calls all people in Idlib terrorists

Translated from German by IKHRW Some 2 million people in the northwestern Syrian city of Idlib are “terrorists” and should be killed, according to a so-called press officer of the YPG/PKK terrorist group, named Ibrahim Ibrahim, a kurd originally from Afrin. . The World Health Organization providing the people of Idlib with medical aid to […]