Urgent request of PJAK extortion victims to the Iranian government

“PJAK continues to burn people’s property and lives.” This sentence is a summary of a report published by the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) in February 2018. A well-documented and illustrated report on an economic crime, destroying and burning the property of an economic activist and contractor by PJAK terrorists; and this faced a strange silence and absence of the Iranian government, a very worrying situation; the PJAK terrorists attacked Mr. Danaei’s workshop and set fire to his property and machinery. It is not clear why the Kurdistan Province Governorate, the Iranian government and the military and security institutions of the Iranian government are still silent, where are they? A terrorist group has officially targeted the territorial integrity, economic security and the people; but the Iranian government is still absent there.

The story was as following: the reports received by the IKHRW on the harassment and extortion of people in the Kurdish regions of Iran by terrorist groups, especially PJAK, the IKHRW had repeatedly published various documents and warned that the PJAK group was and is trying to achieve its goals of ransom and extortion by creating terror among the people. Meanwhile, the people of Iranian Kurdistan have been facing the problems of terrorist groups for years, and their security is threatened financially and physically. The latest example of this extortion was extremely horrific. The enormous amount of destruction perpetrated by PJAK leads one to believe that this group is working only to destroy the Kurds and has no other goal.

Mr. Danaei and his two brothers, who are engineers, contracted with the Department of Agriculture to cultivate nearly 4,000 hectares of land in the area and to mechanize agriculture. The people of the area were satisfied and helped them. These machines and the work on them had caused more than twenty families to make a living this way. On the other hand, if this program and project ended, it would be the biggest help to the people of this region to create jobs; but this group does not want people to be comfortable and have jobs. The terrorists are upset that the people are well off so they are oppressing the people. PJAK likes the people to be poor in order to deceive them and kidnap their children in the shadow of poverty.

The IKHRW report had many repercussions. But in practice, nothing happened to ensure Mr. Danaei’s security and return on investment. The project employer, the Department of Agriculture, did not support him. The project machinery depot was destroyed with diesel and grenades, and all machinery was destroyed. This crime has left no means for Mr. Danaei to work. His machines are completely burnt and unusable. All twenty families earning their living this way have lost their jobs. There is still no news from the Iranian government. Only the governor’s office and the police declared the incident as a terrorist act; but in practice, compensation, there was no cooperation. Because they said security issues do not include insurance!

Mr. Danaei once again sent a message to the correspondent of the IKHRW: “Hello! My dear brother, my life and the lives of my other two brothers were turned into ashes in one night. What was my fault for which some irresponsible people destroyed our lives? While, by God, I have never seen these people so  far. But why is no one responsible for us in this government that should support? Where should we take refuge? Should it really be broadcast in foreign media looking for an opportunity for someone to answer us? The answer to our case came from the Ministry of Interior, which according to our circular can help up to 100 million tomans! So where are the security organs? Where are the Revolutionary Guards? Why don’t these organs take our hand to blind the eyes of the enemies? What can I do with the 7 billion tomans loss with my 100 million tomans? At least, you follow our misery.”

It is worth mentioning that the IKHRW is ready to receive the response of the political and security institutions of the Iranian government to follow up on this issue. It must be clear why the Iranian government does not provide security for the multibillion-dollar damages, nor does it consider itself obligated to pay damages. The IKHRW will seriously pursue the matter through the Kurdistan Province Governorate.

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