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Urgent request of PJAK extortion victims to the Iranian government

“PJAK continues to burn people’s property and lives.” This sentence is a summary of a report published by the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) in February 2018. A well-documented and illustrated report on an economic crime, destroying and burning the property of an economic activist and contractor by PJAK terrorists; and this faced a […]

Havoc in Afrin; an analysis

Two years ago, during January 2018, Turkey threatened to launch a major operation in northwestern Syria’s Afrin region. Eventually Turkey did launch the operation, leading to tens of thousands fleeing the Kurdish area. Syrian rebels, some of them linked to religious extremists, vow to defeat the mostly Kurdish fighters who have been working with the […]

Terrorists resettle 3,000 families in Afrin

Afrin, now occupied by the Turkish army and armed and terrorist groups supported by Turkey, is in a deplorable situation. Human rights organizations active in Afrin said in a report that Turkish intelligence and anti-Syrian armed terrorists agreed in Urfa city, Turkey, to change the demography of Afrin, Idlib and suburbs of Aleppo. According to […]