Exclusive; IKHRW Discloses: Human Trafficking Network to PKK/PJAK Camps by Kaveh Saqezi – 1

At the time of the outbreak of Coronavirus in the region and the world in the spring of 2020, the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW), based on information received as well as local and popular reports to its correspondents, found the deep dimensions of a major humanitarian and security disaster in Iran’s bordering Kurdish regions. The story was as follows: a criminal gang affiliated with the PJAK/PKK terrorist group was running a complex and secretive network for the abduction, deception and transfer of Iranian adolescents and children while focusing on Kurdish children. One of the focal points of this terrorist gang was a person named Kaveh Saqezi. By deceiving teenagers and children, he prepares them to be transferred to PJAK camps.

In the spring of 2020, the IKHRW reported, “PJAK camps witnessed a great human tragedy in the winter of 2019,  as about 15 Kurdish teenagers, both boys and girls, were deceived and transferred to the region by a person named Kaveh Saqezi by providing false and confusing information about traveling to Europe and studying in European countries and working in the Iraqi Kurdistan region in December 2019. But as soon as they entered the Iraqi Kurdish Region, they realized that the promises to travel to Europe and living in the Region were false. The team of Kaveh Saqezi and his associates, who live in Penjvin city and provide new recruits for the PJAK group, keep Iranian teenagers in very bad and unsanitary conditions during the outbreak of the Coronavirus in areas called Asus and Zakho, so that they can be prepared to be transferred to PJAK camps. These people were supposed to receive military and ideological training as soon as they were transferred to PJAK camps. With the arrival of the cold season, innocent teenagers will be transferred to one of PJAK caves in January 2019 and their military education process will begin. In the meantime, the families were very worried and did not know the fate of their children. Based on reliable information, the IKHRW has found that due to the insecurity of PJAK camps, the hand-made and unnatural caves, as well as due to heavy snowfall in the winter of 2019, some of these teenagers were unfortunately buried in these underground bases and were probably killed. No news of them is available.”

The IKHRW, based on PJAK’s black record, informed that PJAK intends to hide its casualties and provide information with a delay. The aim is to replace these people with those killed in the PKK war with the Turkish army, and to hide their responsibility for the kidnapping and deception of these teenagers and their tragic death. Unfortunately, the IKHRW’s prediction was completely correct. Asrin Mohammadi was among those children. She was shot dead from behind while fleeing. There is no news about Benjamin Farajzadeh and Nasser Alizadeh yet. All these children were abducted by Kaveh Saqezi’s gang. PJAK/PKK claim that these children were killed in the war with Turkey. But the truth is that they were either buried in caves or killed by PJAK while fleeing. PJAK/PKK also recently announced the deaths of their Iranian members with a delay of several months.

Kaveh Saqezi; International criminal

According to the information received by the correspondent of the IKHRW, in December 2019, a person named Kaveh Saqezi is the same person who provided about 15 Kurdish teenagers, both boys and girls, false and confusing information about traveling to Europe for studying or working in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, but he has deceived and transferred them to the PKK/PJAK camps in the moutains of the Iraqi Kurdistan.

Kaveh Saqezi continues his dirty deeds. He is still deceiving and kidnapping Iranians, and Iranian government institutions must work harder to confront and extradite him to Iran for punishment. Kaveh Saqezi, who is the pseudonym of this member of PJAK, has abducted young people and adolescents, and even more unfortunate, many children among Iranian Kurdish citizens by force, threats and deception with promises such as work and education or immigration to Europe. He transferred them to the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, which unfortunately suffers from political chaos and urban security, and then took all the documents, cash and communication devices such as mobile phones and handed them over to PJAK militants. After this action, no one was able to communicate with these children and teenagers.

Recently, audio and video cases have been reported to the IKHRW, which shows that this international criminal continues to deceive, kidnap and encourage people to join terrorist groups. In fact, Kaveh Saqezi acts as a sergeant to bring Iranian members to the PJAK terrorist group. This person either deceives the target people or encourages them to join PJAK. A person named Saeed presented his chat history to a reporter of the IKHRW, which shows that Kaveh Saqezi has established terrorist networks in border cities as well as in the Region and is engaged in deceiving and transferring Iranian citizens.

In the pictures and audio file above, it is clear that the person is being guided by Kaveh Saqezi to join PJAK via Mariwan city and buy an Iraqi SIM card. Indeed, where are the Iranian government and security-law enforcement agencies that PJAK extorts; sets fire the property of the industrial workshop while the members of the assassination and kidnapping team are present in the border cities. In the continuation of the conversation, Saeed, who is very angry about Kaveh Saqezi’s lack of cooperation, confronts a person named Bakhtiar. It is possible that Bakhtiar is trying to get a SIM card for Saeed so that the process of transferring him to Iraq and Qandil will not face any problems. So far, Saeed has left Tehran and arrived in Mariwan, and now in Mariwan, he is waiting for Saqezi’s answer; SIM card not found.

In the continuation of this chat; another person on behalf of Bakhtiar, talks to Saeed. Pictures of this chat are published below:

From all the audio messages that Saeed sent to the IKHRW, it seems that he was disappointed with the cooperation of Kaveh Saqezi and his affiliated team and abandoned the story of his transfer to Qandil for the war in Rojava (?!).

This audio-visual file is one of the dozens of revelations that various young people from different parts of Iran, especially the Kurdish regions, have sent to the IKHRW. These cases show that the PJAK assassination team as well as the Kaveh Saqezi’s network are active in human trafficking in Kurdish areas. These actions are taking place while the fate of hundreds of Iranian members of PJAK is still unknown. In the coming days, the IKHRW will release new images and audio files that show Kaveh Saqezi’s extensive activity in the shadow of the Iranian government’s silence and passiveness.

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