Kamran had not even heard the name of Shengal, but …

Kamran Dalaei Milan, the son of Ismael and Shamam, was born in a deprived village of Maku city in the province of West Azerbaijan, Iran. He was still a student when he came across death dealers, members of the PKK / PJAK. He was kidnapped and taken away by trickery.

After joining due to deception and kidnapping, they named Kamran as Avarsh Agiri. Kamran was no longer Kamran (literally happy), but miserable and unhappy. The Iranian Kurdish teenager, along with dozens of other victims, was subjected to brainwashing and partial military training, and then sent to Shangal/Sinjar.

It was less than a few months after Kamran’s recruitment that he was killed on June 30, 2015 in Shengal as a member of the PKK.

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