Osman Ocalan “supports the territorial integrity of Turkey”

In a statement, Osman Ocalan support Turkey’s territorial integrity and criticized the HDP. In a statement referring to his controversial interview with Turkish state-run television TRT in 2019, the brother of the PKK’s leader, Osman ocalan, said: “The interview request came from TRT. My relationship with the Turkish media has always been positive. If another channel had offered, I would accept, too. The proposal was not made by a government official.”

Regarding the fact that some people in the news had issued a red bulletin against him, Ocalan added “I must declare that no red bulletin has been issued against me. This issue has disappeared over time. Some time ago, I met an adviser to Turkish President. It was a long meeting. We talked about recent developments, especially the issue of the PKK.”

According to the Turkish T24 news agency, Ocalan continued his remarks regarding the meeting with the advisor to the Turkish president and said: “I assessed this meeting as a step towards resolving the Kurdish issue and normalization in this field. I criticize the actions of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP). I support Turkey’s territorial integrity.”

“It is not good for Demirtas to be imprisoned,” Ocalan said on the situation of former HDP co-chair Salahettin Demirtas. “If Turkey is talking about law, Demirtas should be out of prison.”

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