The PKK earns huge money from drug distribution in Europe

Speaking in a video interview with a TRT-WORLD reporter in a cafe in central Germany, A German citizen, who does not want to be recognized for fear of PKK retaliation, tells TRT reporter how the PKK distributes drug in Europe.

He describes the drug activities of the PKK in his country, and added he himself is involved in drug trafficking with the PKK and has cooperated the Organization.

The German citizen emphasized in the film that many Kurds in Germany have to pay obligatory taxes to the PKK by force.

The reporter asks if organization has anything to do with the local mafia, the citizen confirms that the PKK is linked to the local mafia, saying, “They buy the  drug maybe $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 per kilogram, and in Europe they sell for about $ 40,000. Because of this, all of these people make a lot of money. The police and customs are all complicit in the field. This large amount of money is transferred to the Middle East via Russia to arm the PKK and its war.”

“There is no border problem,” he said of the long distance. Imagine, putting a kilo of drug in a big truck. Nobody notices. Because we bribe the police.”

“It should be noted that extorting the Kurds and the distribution/production of narcotics in Europe is the most important source of funding for the PKK.”

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