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The PKK earns huge money from drug distribution in Europe

Speaking in a video interview with a TRT-WORLD reporter in a cafe in central Germany, A German citizen, who does not want to be recognized for fear of PKK retaliation, tells TRT reporter how the PKK distributes drug in Europe. He describes the drug activities of the PKK in his country, and added he himself […]

In an interview with Fox News, Robin Sincax: Terrorism funding in the West should be targeted

According to numerous reports by the International Narcotics Police, the PKK is the main source of drug trafficking to Europe. “Terrorist groups in Europe are a very, very serious threat, and this is only limited to certain countries, such as France, England, Spain or Germany, it is a threat for all Europe,” Robin Sincax, a […]

Rachel Ehrenfeld: There is a direct relation between drug trade and international terrorism

“The drug trade is not limited to specific regions and it is a very large global trade. The source of terrorism funding in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Chechnya, Colombia, groups like al-Qaeda, the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, the PKK.” said Dr. Arnfeld, a senior counter-terrorism official on the relationship between the drug trade and international […]