In an interview with Fox News, Robin Sincax: Terrorism funding in the West should be targeted

According to numerous reports by the International Narcotics Police, the PKK is the main source of drug trafficking to Europe.

“Terrorist groups in Europe are a very, very serious threat, and this is only limited to certain countries, such as France, England, Spain or Germany, it is a threat for all Europe,” Robin Sincax, a Heritage Foundation expert on terrorism, told Fox News. “I think the time has come for European governments to take very serious action in this regard.”

Criticizing the greater passivity of European countries in the fight against terrorism, the Heritage Foundation expert added: “This requires more counter-terrorism measures, especially targeting their financial resources. Extradite people who pose a threat to national security to their homeland. Most of what is being done now has more of a theoretical aspect than practical action. “We need to know the true nature of terrorism in Europe.”

Mr Sincax stressed the need to target terrorist groups’ funding as an important factor in drastically reducing their activities, and called for stricter laws to dry out or minimize the financing of terrorist groups in Europe that is used for terrorist acts against Europe itself.

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