Dr. Ortaj: The PKK-affiliated authority does not allow the release of Yazidi women in the ISIS camp in North Syria

Dr. Erfan Ortaj, head of the Yazidi Kurdish Consultative Association in Germany, criticizes the PKK-affiliated administarion in North Syria, while demanding that their Association be allowed to enter inside the ISIS camps to recognize the Yazidi women and girls so as to release. “The Administarion prevents this and says it will release one Yazidi every month!”

“We tried to go in and enter the camp ourselves, but they did not allow and said they could not provide our security. This is an excuse because both the area and the camp are under their control. They must be held accountable,” he said.

The fate of 2,887 Yazidis, mostly women and children, who were captured by ISIS in 2014, is still unknown. Yazidis say a large number of them are among the imprisoned ISIS members of the PKK-affiliated Authority. They are in the north and northeast of Syria.

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