Halabja survivor commits suicide

An Kurdish-Iraqi Halabja genocide survivor committed suicide today in Halabja, that was suffering from the financial difficulties and the Kurdistan Region Government’s carelessness to take care of the poor.

I will translate the letter he left behind to understand the reasons behind his hopelessness:

“My End

When there is no bit of tranquility in life, when I have never lived as a human being, when I was not given my human rights I deserve, why should I own this life? Therefore, life has no meanings for me anymore other than grief and pain. Down to the KDP and the PUK… I have only one regret; I couldn’t see your humiliation and end. Finally, I call you people. Please take care of my children so that they will not get lost.

God be with you.

Signature / Kawa Hama Amin”

Kawa Hama Amin was born in Halabja in the beginning of 1980s. He survived the Halabja chemical attack in 1988. He became a refugee in Iran and as a prisoner tortured in the infamous Baathist concentration prison of Nugra Salman.

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