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Patriotic Union of Kurdistan seeks approval for expulsion of Turkish troops

Saleh Faqi, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan(PUK), announced on Friday that efforts are done to pass a resolution in parliament calling for the expulsion of Turkish troops from northern Iraq, such as the one for the expulsion of US troops. In an interview with Baghdad Al-Youm, he said that the PUK had […]

Israel and the Kurdish independence referendum

Massoud Barzani’s legacy, the referendum for independence in Iraqi Kurdistan of three years ago, drew the ire of all its neighbors, including the central government in Baghdad. Opposition to his actions have had catastrophic results for the autonomous region, as it provoked the Iraqi government to invade the province of Kerkuk and is often quoted […]

Halabja survivor commits suicide

An Kurdish-Iraqi Halabja genocide survivor committed suicide today in Halabja, that was suffering from the financial difficulties and the Kurdistan Region Government’s carelessness to take care of the poor. I will translate the letter he left behind to understand the reasons behind his hopelessness: “My End When there is no bit of tranquility in life, […]

Shivan Fateh: Lahor Sheikh Jangi seeks the collapse of the KRG

The history of differences between Iraqi Kurdish political and armed parties and groups dates back decades ago. At middle of Mullah Mustafa Barzani’s wars with the Ba’athist government in Iraq, he was opposed by various members of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), including Jalal Talebani, who split from the KDP and formed the Patriotic Union […]

“Mazlum Kobani is in Baghdad,” the Iraqi journalist claimed

Iraqi journalist Ahmad Malal Talal claimed on his Twitter page that Mazlum Kobani, the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces,the PKK branch in Syria, is in Baghdad now. He says Mazlum Kobani crossed the border by helicopter and came to Sulaimaniyah, and then was transported to Baghdad by special vehicles of Lahor Sheikh Jangi. If […]

Zagros Berwari to IKHRW: The PKK is a threat to all Kurds

The political, economic and security situation in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is deteriorating, and it can even be said that the economic crisis has reached its peak. Meanwhile, Baghdad accuses the KRG of failing to meet its oil obligations, cutting its budget, and even a Kurdish member of the Iraqi parliament called on the […]

In response to IKHRW, Suleiman Alikhan: Turkey is a threat to all Kurds

Given Turkey’s growing military presence in the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), especially in areas controlled by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) led by Massoud Barzani, speculation is growing about Turkey’s real goals in Kurdish circles. On the other hand, the KDP, without Baghdad’s permission, has allowed Turkey to establish about 20 military barracks deep in […]

Zini Werta: PUK deescalates the situation

After a military stand-off between KDP, PUK and PKK in the Zini Werta area, PUK has decided to deescalate the situation. Even though KDP invaded PUK territory here, setting up a KDP checkpoint only meters from a PKK camp and gave coordinates to Turkey which led to airstrikes, PUK decided not to be lured into […]

Tensions between KDP and PUK rise again

The Iraqi Kurdistan region has for years remained an underdeveloped region due to corruption and tribal politics. The region’s two ruling main parties both belong to a different tribe. In the 90s, many armed clashes appeared between both parties, and though they have made peace for years, the tension between them remains. At this time […]