Patriotic Union of Kurdistan seeks approval for expulsion of Turkish troops

Saleh Faqi, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan(PUK), announced on Friday that efforts are done to pass a resolution in parliament calling for the expulsion of Turkish troops from northern Iraq, such as the one for the expulsion of US troops.

In an interview with Baghdad Al-Youm, he said that the PUK had previously called for a resolution to expel Turkish troops from the borders of the Kurdistan Region, but was confronted with an agreement between the former Iraqi government and the Turkish government on pursuing the PKK on Iraqi soil. Faqi explained that the PUK is currently collecting signatures in parliament to pass a resolution similar to the Iraqi parliament’s resolution to expel Turkish troops from the Kurdistan Region. In this regard, Omar Surchi, a member of the local council of Al-Amadiyeh city in Dohuk province of Kurdistan Region, announced that the residents of more than 13 villages in Al-Amadiyeh left their homes and migrated following the successive bombardment of Turkish forces against PKK positions.

Turkish forces have been bombing PKK positions in a new operation in Duhok for more than a week. Many believe that Turkey intends to permanently occupy areas in Iraqi Kurdistan under the pretext of fighting the PKK.

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