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Patriotic Union of Kurdistan seeks approval for expulsion of Turkish troops

Saleh Faqi, a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan(PUK), announced on Friday that efforts are done to pass a resolution in parliament calling for the expulsion of Turkish troops from northern Iraq, such as the one for the expulsion of US troops. In an interview with Baghdad Al-Youm, he said that the PUK had […]

Barzani’s advisor: PKK must be expelled from Shangal

The adviser to the preseident of the Kurdistan Regional Government on Yazidi Kurdish affairs says Baghdad and Erbil are coordinating more to normalize the situation in Sinjar/Shangal and expel foreign armed groups. Sheikh Shamo says that according to the UN Special Representative for Iraq, the Shangal Peace Congress will be held next month. Sheikh Shamo […]

Tell Abyad’s demographics are changing for the second time

At the 2004 census, the Tell Abyad district had a population of 129,714. The majority of inhabitants were Sunni Arabs, with considerable​ ​Sunni Kurdish and Sunni Turkmen minorities. The western part of the district was mainly inhabited by Kurds, the Turkmens were mainly concentrated south west of Suluk and the town itself and the rest […]