Barzani’s advisor: PKK must be expelled from Shangal

The adviser to the preseident of the Kurdistan Regional Government on Yazidi Kurdish affairs says Baghdad and Erbil are coordinating more to normalize the situation in Sinjar/Shangal and expel foreign armed groups. Sheikh Shamo says that according to the UN Special Representative for Iraq, the Shangal Peace Congress will be held next month.

Sheikh Shamo added that foreign armed groups should be expelled from Sinjar before the congress and the city security file should be handed over to the police. Both sides in the case, Baghdad and Erbil, have increased their coordination to take up the case, and two federal police units have entered the city by agreement, and a new governor has been appointed for Sinjar.

According to Sheikh Shamo, with the expulsion of armed groups affiliated with the PKK, the issue of modernization and development of Sinjar is on the agenda, and thus the position of abduction of Sinjar citizens by the PKK will be solved.

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