Duran Kalkan’s COVID-19 conspiracy theory

The last few months, we have seen many different theories on the COVID-19 pandemic and its origins appear in the media. We have seen different countries blaming each other, rumours about different animal origins and some other quite funny stories.
One of the PKK’s leading cadres – Duran Kalkan – turns out to be a great conspiracy theorist as well. He questions how and why this virus suddenly appeared and how it spread this fast in an interview. He says the fault of the COVID-19 pandemic is in fact “capitalism”.

Duran Kalkan among PKK female members

According to Duran Kalkan, the spreading of the COVID-19 virus was deliberate, it is human-made, and is meant as a form of propaganda and psychological warfare, being imposed on people to scare them.
Now that the virus has spread, he continues, the solution remains unfound. The reason: “now the makers of the virus can’t make the solution, because mother nature does not forgive them”.
The reason for the deliberate design and spreading the COVID-19 virus, in his opinion, is changing the world order. “The world order is to be redesigned, reshaped, by accordance of this virus. We should oppose this system.”

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