“When strategy collapses; the PKK’s urban terrorist campaign”

This is the title of a book by Murad Yeshiltash and Najdat Ozchelik at the Seta Foundation. This book has 5 chapters. In the foreward of this book, the authors name the PKK alongside terrorist groups such as ISIS and as a group identified as a serious threat to regional stability and security.

The authors say in this preface, “PKK, by its very nature, pursues a policy of promoting violence, but in Syria, with the aim of deceiving the audience, it presents itself as a proponent of peace.” It also writes, “Without a doubt, the atmosphere of turmoil and conflict in the Middle East also paves the way for the PKK to grow. This book deals in detail with the failure of the PKK and explains its launching an urban war. Despite its structural change for the civil war, the group failed to succeed, especially after the Arab Spring. In this book, the technical and ideological methods of the PKK for the civil war have been discussed.

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