It is the month of Muharram and the mother of Muharram Omueemilan is still waiting for him

Zari and Zahir are Sunni kurds and from the city of Shot in the north of West Azerbaijan province, Iran, but because of their special belief and devotion to Imam Hussein (AS), they named their son Muharram. Muharram was interested in studying, but he was still a teenager and at a sensitive age when he was ambushed by PJAK members. He was abducted to be used as a child soldier like dozens of others.

They transferred Muharram to the mountains of Qandil and trained him to brainwash in their caves. In this training, the life story of Abdullah Ocalan and how to justify violence and murder are presented so that the person is mentally ready to commit a crime. Their military training is brief.

Due to the severe shortage of forces in the PKK, the newly recruited people have to go to war soon. Muharram went to the slaughterhouse under the organizational name of Rojehlat Avarash, and shortly after joining, he was killed in PKK and the Turkish army clashes in Hakkari on February 9, 2012.

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