Ismail Besikci: PKK deliberately wants Turkey to enter deep the KRG

Ismail Beşikçi, a Turkish thinker and sociologist known for defending the rights of the Kurds in Turkey, has repeatedly accused Abdullah Ocalan of opposing Kurdish interests, referred, in a short interview, to Turkey’s actions on the border with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and said:

 “Kurdistan Region should not become a battleground between Turkey and the PKK, and Turkey enters the region because of the PKK, so the PKK is wrong to continue its presence here. The Iraqi government should not suffise to condemn Turkey’s action. Iraq has the right to sovereighty. Turkey intends to occupy the border areas, but the PKK wants to pull Turkey deep into the KRG.”

 While rejecting the violence, the Turkish thinker stressed the need to find a political solution to the Kurdish issue in Turkey and condemned the PKK-Turkey violence. He considers the PKK as an important obstacle to the Kurdish issue in Turkey.

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