Several documented cases of PKK crimes against Kurdish civilians in the Doski area

Honorary Reporter of Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch has sent the following report from the Doski area in Duhok province, to Introduce PKK crimes against the civilians, the translation of which is presented along with photos of a number of victims:

“If we want to write about the PKK’s crimes against civilians, we can write several thick books. These crimes include arrests, torture, insults, killings, and disappearances.

After the PKK lost the ability to fight Turkey in 1990s and could not control even a single inch of land in Turkey, it tried to stay in the Kurdistan Region under various titles. To this end, the PKK committed all kinds of ill-treatment of civilians. In one case, we refer to the mistreatment against the people in the Doski area on the Iraqi-Turkish border in Duhok province.

In this region, as in Turkey, the PKK put the assassination of tribal leaders on its agenda and introduced itself as a “representative of Saddam’s forces.” It later used terms such as “Media Protected Areas” and “Liberated Areas”.

-In one case on 7/10/1997, armed members of the PKK shot at a car carrying three villagers near the village of Baneh Sur and killed them. Their names were Akram Mohammad Jaboo Daily, Ismail Mohammad Jaboo, including Hashem Mohammad 5 years old.

-In another case, on 11/10/1997, they shot at a pickup truck carrying the people of Bakozi village and killed the following people: Fakhreddin Yousef Ahmad, Ayub Mohammad Saeed Mostafa, Abdul Bari Hossein Kamaki.

-On 10/17/1997, Rashid Sharif Benjamin, a resident of the village of Dirgenik, was shot dead and Hozan Ismail was killed, and Asieh Khalid Haji and her two sons, Aziz Ali and Juma Ali, were injured.

-On 12/13/1997, members of the PKK shot dead six civilians near the village of Yadli: Salam Yusuf Oraha, born in 1976, Samir Ishu Meqdo, born in 1971, Naji Miho, born in 1965, Arkan Hormoz, born in 1977, Saliva Juma, born in 1965, Majid Shimon, born in 1973, all were killed.

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