A Kurdish analyst in Darkamazi website: PKK is fascist

In response to the statements and actions of the PKK leaders and media, the analytical news website of Darkamazi, which operates in Kurdish and in the Kurdistan Region, has published the following analytical article, the translation of which is provided by Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch:

“The PKK does not stop propaganda against the KRG. This organization targets anyone or any group it fails to remove from the field to marginalize. This organization has been living in destruction strategy since the trench warfare in Turkey. It is trying to repeat its past and find a place for itself in the developments in the Middle East, and for this purpose it intends to start a war in the Kurdistan Region, and whether or not it will succeed in the war is another matter. But the PKK, as a set of past actions, intends to create opportunities for its actions, that is, it wants to create a space in which it can acquit itself of its anti-Kurdish actions and accuse others. The PKK-affiliated media are also ready to start propaganda against the Kurdistan Region.

۶۰% of PKK is propaganda

The main force of the PKK is based on the four elements of revenge, belief, blood and man, and these are based on propaganda alone. Domestic and foreign propaganda accounts for 60% of the PKK. This is not an exaggeration. From now on, the PKK and its propaganda weapon aims at the Kurdistan Region, so from ordinary members to its leaders, they are propagandizing against the Kurdistan Region in various fields.

One of the daily topics in the PKK media is the so-called the “Haftanin War”. They want to put pressure on the people and the government of the Kurdistan Region in this way, but in fact it should be said that there is no war in Haftanin and the whole area is occupied by the Turkish army. The real thing is that the PKK left Haftanin and surrendered to the Turkish army. PKK leaders hide this fact and use the Kurdish youth as tools and have them killed, then they misuse the people’s feelings through propaganda by showing the images of the youth killed. PKK leaders either live in palaces in Sulaymaniyah or in seven-story caves in the mountains and claim that the KRG leaders do not support them.To divert thoughts from the killing of Kurdish youth, the PKK tells the story of a war that does not exist, and discusses an atmosphere that it itself has created for the KRG.

If one looks at the PKK media, one will see them regularly publishing reports against the political and economic situation of the Kurdistan Region. In this way, it intends to divert public opinion from the self-created crises.It views everything from its ideological point of view, opposes all Kurdish political factions and attitudes, and seeks monopoly.

It should be said that the PKK fascism is hidden and is hostile to any individual or faction that disagrees with it. For this, it marginalizes the person or faction and has been practicing this issue among the Kurds in Turkey for many years. In Turkey, if any Kurd does not agree with the PKK, the organization labels them as ‘spies.”

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