Bahar Kochak: PKK kidnapped my son and did not even let me talk to him

In an interview, Mrs. Bahar Kochak, the mother of a Yazidi child soldier, said that the PKK kidnaps Yazidi children and takes them to Qandil to recruit as fighters, and then sends them to war zones in Turkey and Syria. “Not only am I not allowed to see my son, they do not even allowed me to talk on the phone,” she said.

The mother of the child soldier abducted by the PKK “I ask human rights organizations to help me save my son from the PKK. The PKK is very angry to see us protesting,” she said, calling on human rights organizations and the Iraqi government to help. “PKK members even came to our homes, and we did not know that their aim was to kidnap our children.”

“The PKK has caused many displaced Yazidi Kurdish families not to return to Sinjar/Shangal. They have set up an illegal local government for themselves. We expect the Iraqi government to expel this organization,” she said.

Link to Mrs. Bahar Kochak’s remarks:

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