Continued ambiguity on the fate of Salman Moradi; a child soldier member of PJAK

The Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (IKHRW) published a report, based on credible reports, in 2020 while stating that PJAK members had abducted several Iranian Kurdish children and adolescents in the automn and winter of 2019, then transferred them to PJAK headquarters in Qandil Mountain. The children were killed due to the coronavirus outbreak, lack of health facilities, or Turkish attacks, but PJAK has not released any exact news on their fate yet. Asrin Mohammadi is one the victims whose abduction has been repeatedly reported by various media. Another child is Salman Moradi. The IKHRW interviewed his father, Madeh Moradi.

Mr. Moradi stated in the interview that Salman was born in 2000 in the city of Mariwan, Iran. A member of PJAK deveived Salman, he joined the group and we have no news about him since then. Salman’s father, Madeh Moradi, was very worried about his son, saying, “He made us miserable by leaving, and we do not know where to go. I am 65, I can not go to the Kurdistan Region to follow the fate of my son,” he said on his efforts to travel to the KRG and Qandil Mountain. I can not even walk. All the villagers and those who used to go to the Qandil Mountain to pursue the fate of their children told me that it would be useless to go there, because PJAK members are inhumane and do not even allow you to meet your son, let alone his returning.”

In a new interview with the IKHRW correspondent, Madeh Moradi, added: “After a long time, my other son who went to pursue Salman’s fate is not back yet.” The IKHRW suspects that Salman’s brother has also been arrested or even killed by PJAK. Especially since then, he has not made any contact with the family yet.

Salman’s father added: “Salman was abducted by PJAK with one of his friends. But Salman’s friend managed to escape, while Salman’s fate is unknown. I do not know has happened to my two sons. I need money, PJAK has kidnapped two of my children. Salman was only 17 years old. Their mother is just crying. The mental state of our family is not good at all. Salman’s mother is ill and depressed. PJAK also does not answer what happened to my two sons? Salman’s friend also has no information on him. It is as if he does not live in this world. He says he has not seen Salman 20 days after their membership in PJAK. It is said that some families whose children have been abducted by PJAK have visited Qandil more than 15 times, but useless. All we have to do now is watch TV to see the news on our child’s death. I sold the animals that were my source of income; because my sons are no longer with me.”

It is worth mentioning that the PKK has tried to deceive or kidnap children from poor and low-income families   in Kurdish regions. This social class lacks sufficient income and education, and the group ruling the PKK, which is from Turkey, considers itself superior to the Iranian Kurds. The Iranian Kurds have, in fact, fallen victim to the PKK’s war against the Turkish government.

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