Loghman Naqdi’s brother: PJAK sent him to remote areas of Turkey to be killed

Loghman Naqdi, a young Iranian Kurd who had become a member of PJAK, was killed as a result of the Turkish army bombing on May 1, 2019, according to the group. PJAK, as usual, published this news with a delay. Loghman had joined PJAK in 2012.


Loghman Naqdi: Right


In an interview with the Iranian Kurdistan Human Rights Watch, Loghman Naqdi’s brother said about his brother’s reasons for joining the PJAK armed group: “Loghman worked as a rancher and was constantly traveling in the mountains around our village. I’m sure my brother had no interest in joining any group and never mentioned it. But all I know is that PJAK forces were constantly moving through the same mountains, usually bringing girls with them. “Surely they were able to deceive my brother by using those girls.”


Travel to Iraq to follow up on Loghman

When my brother disappeared, my parents and I traveled to Iraq several times, but PJAK forces always denied Loghman’s presence, but in the end, due to our many pursuits, they accepted that Loghman was among them, but did not allow us to visit. When we were disappointed with Loghman’s situation, we returned to Iran.


Loghman returns and PJAK forces reappear

Almost three years later, Loghman was able to escape and return to his family. But less than six months after he was in the family, one day some people came after him again, we thought they were his friends, but unfortunately I did not know that they were PJAK forces and decided to bring my brother back. That’s when Loghman disappeared again.

We went after him again, but this time we faced their threats and they said do not look for Loghman anymore. But we kept looking for him, and we were in the midst of this pursuit that one day we saw the news of Loghman’s death in the PJAK media! We could not believe it at all, but then they called us and said that Loghman had been killed in the Siirt region in the war with Turkey.


The second trip to Iraq to determine the task of Loghman’s body

Upon hearing the news of Loghman’s death, we became impatient and rushed to Iraq to find out the truth. But they did not give us the right answer and said that there was no corpse and they could not show us the corpse or the tomb. I remember tearing at her whole face with her son’s grief, as several of them were talking to each other, and I suddenly heard them say, “It’s good that we only gave them that news now.” I could not overhear the rest of it.

This same conversation made me doubt that my brother is alive, I raised this issue with them, but they denied these conversations and said that Loghman is dead, his body is not with them and we should not look for him anymore.

From that day on, our lives are full of ambiguity and bitterness. My mother sits in front of Loghman’s picture every day and just cries… But I heard this (ambiguity in Loghman’s death) with my own ears and I am sure that they lied to us that my brother had been killed.

I’m sure Loghman is alive, but why are they lying to us? Or if they are right that he was killed, why was he sent to the most remote area in Turkey?

Did they deliberately want to kill him? Or they just said that we should not look for Loghman anymore!!

Why is PJAK not taking responsibility for this?!

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