Family of teenager recruited by PJAK: My brother’s body is buried somewhere in Syria

Amin Randigonbodi was a teenager when recruited by PJAK, some time before his obituary announcement was published from far away, from Syria.

Amin is the son of Abdul Rahman Randigonbodi, from Urmia. His brother emphasized in an interview with IKHRW’s reporter that Amin was not a militant, had no particular political beliefs, and had no motivation to join this group. Amin’s brother emphasized that Amin was a teenager that went to high school, and emphasized he was 100% his brother must be either forcefully taken to Qandil or tricked through deception.

Amin’s father also died after enduring years of longing for his son. His brother tells the story of Amin’s deception as follows: “Amin was very smart and studying high school, and he always worked in his free time and helped support his family!”

Unfortunately, due to a conflict inside the family, and the tensions that were created for Amin, he started to distance himself from the family. The conflicts that the family members unknowingly created for this young man kept him away from the family emotionally day by day, and unfortunately, smugglers associated with PJAK caught the distanced boy in their trap.



Amin was only 16 years old and had not even finished high school, when he had been deceived and taken away with false promises, and knowledge of his family’s problems.

“We were never told anything about him. It did not take them long to send him off to Syria. They implement exactly the policy of sending Iranian youth to Turkey or Syria. Because once they decide to escape the group, that does not accept resignation, it would make it harder for them to return, He telephoned us regularly when he was in Syria, and always spoke of regret during the conversation. He never had a chance to fully explain what had happened to him – as he was talking to us in secret – but it was clear that he was looking for a way to get back.”

“It took a long time and there was no news of his call. The only news that reached us was that one day one of the PKK elements called us and informed us that Amin had been killed, and hung up without any further explanation.”

“What does our 16-year-old Amin know about fighting? Where is my brother’s body now? PJAK has only published a photo of a tomb on their social media channels. We do not accept this. Why should an Iranian teenager be sent to die in Syria? What has Amin got to do with Syria? Why did they not allow us to see him when we went to Iraq to see him?! Why didn’t they take us to his grave when we went there again?! It is our right to know the cause of my little brother’s death, and at least to mourn at his grave. But PJAK does not accept any responsibility for the families they destroy.”

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